Mountain! Mountain! is the smart strategy game that changes every turn. Race against your friends to put your kings on top of the mountain - then try to stay there, if you can. The board is always shifting, so no two games will ever be the same!


Mountain! Mountain! was invented one lazy afternoon in the California Bay Area. You see, everyone else was making a game, and since there were lots of extra index cards lying around, it seemed like the thing to do. It’s been described as a moment of revelation, but the game seemed to suddenly come into existence, and it’s not obvious where it came from.

As the afternoon wore on, it came to be time for the bar-b-cue, and a bunch of friends were relaxing with an unusually great meal. Since there were several brand new games to try out, these friends played each of them, and generally had a lot of fun.

The games were all different, and Mountain! Mountain! was particularly easy to learn. In fact, it was easy for as many as four people to play at once. Even better, Mountain! Mountain! really challenged everyone to get to the top of the mountain, and a fine spirit of competitive camaraderie prevailed!

Mountain! Mountain! was so much fun that it needed to be shared with the world. Along came a publisher who had the skills to manufacture and distribute such a game, and after a few short months, Mountain! Mountain! was a reality.


Mountain! Mountain! is hand-made in very small batches, and is really crafted instead of being manufactured. Every aspect of the game has been closely scrutinized and revised to the extent that the inventor considers it to be a work of art. The main reason Mountain! Mountain! exists is to spread fun and amusement across the world, while presenting a great new strategy game that will make you think.

Now you know how and why Mountain! Mountain! was invented, so order your own copy today!